CCP4 Study Weekend 2023:

Data - Subtle details to big insights

EMCC, Nottingham, UK & Virtual

4th – 6th January 2023

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This year the CCP4 Study Weekend will be held as a hybrid event from the 4th – 6th January, enabling people to choose whether to attend in-person or virtually. 

The event will be run over 3 days. On Day 1, we will start after the Diamond MX User Meeting with a discussion panel talking and engaging with the audience about data sources and the future of structural biology. The subsequent 2 days will follow the usual format with 3 sessions each day.  Old favourites like “What’s New in CCP4?” and “Lunchtime Bytes” will also appear each day (see programme for more details). 

A poster session will also be taking place this year on the evening of the first day allowing students to present their research to the wider crystallographic community. 

In keeping with previous CCP4 meetings, the lectures will focus on the presentation and discussion of advanced methods and techniques developed and used by the leaders in the field. 

This year, the topic for the Study Weekend is “Data – Subtle details to big insights”. Sessions will cover: 

Day 1 

Diamond MX User Meeting 

Session 1: Integrative structural biology 

Where do we see structural biology heading in the future? Discussion panel 

Day 2 

Session 2: Fundamentals of crystallographic data 

Aimed at covering the fundamentals of what data is and what we do with it. 

Session 3: Fundamentals of samples and the experiment 

Ensuring we get the best from our data by optimising sample preparation and the experiment and looking at complementary techniques. 

Session 4: Choosing your source 

Understanding the source and experiment types to better answer your biological question. 

Day 3 

Session 5: Big data 

Learning the complexities of handling larger datasets for a variety of experiment types. 

Session 6: Between the Bragg spots 

Understanding your data and trying to extract more detail from it. 

Session 7: A new era in Structural Biology 

Looking to the future direction for structural biology. 

Speakers (to be updated as confirmed) 

  • Monserrat Soler-Lopez
    ESRF Grenoble
  • Gerard Bricogne
    Global Phasing Limited
  • Sameer Velankar
  • Loes Kroon-Batenburg
    Utrecht University
  • Jim Naismith
    Rosalind Franklin Institute
  • Kristina Djinovic-Carugo
    EMBL Grenoble
  • Annalisa Pastore
    ESRF Grenoble
  • Graeme Winter
    Diamond Light Source
  • Greta M. Assmann
    University of Konstanz
  • Kevin Dalton
    Harvard University
  • Richard Gildea
    Diamond Light Source
  • Ralf Flaig
    Diamond Light Source
  • Kathryn Shelley
  • Maria Garcia
    SPC, EMBL Hamburg
  • Phillippe Carpentier
    CEA – HP facility at ESRF
  • Kyle Morris
    eBIC/Diamond Light Source
  • Meytal Landau
    Israel Institute of Technology
  • Antoine Royant
    Institut de Biologie Structurale Grenoble
  • Arnaud Basle
    Newcastle University
  • Hongyi Xu
    Stockholm / Queensland
  • Derek Mendez
    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Marjan Hadian-Jazi
    La Trobe University
  • Briony Yorke
    University of Bradford
  • Kyle Morrise
    BIC/Diamond Light Source
  • Gloria Borgstahl
    University of Nebraska
  • Andrey Lebedev
  • Steve Meisburger
    CHESS, Cornell University
  • Dan Rigden
    University of Liverpool
  • Sylvain Engilberge
    ESRF Grenoble
  • Isabel Uson
    CSIC Barcelona
  • Anastassis Perrakis
    Netherlands Cancer Institute

Scientific Organisers: 

  • Christoph Mueller-Dieckmann
    ESRF, France 
  • Anna Warren
    Diamond Light Source
  • David Waterman